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Treatment Plants – Anodising Plant

We are using imported anodizing plant which is suitable for aluminum sections up to 5.5meters and pre-treats, neutralizes and also rinses the sections/profiles. Our plant is also equipped with “electrical rectifiers” of suitable Amps and the electro coloring system has been installed with Chinese & Japanese know – how and the chemicals too are imported from these two countries. The total output capacity of our plant is approximately a hundred and fifty tons per month which may increase to another hundred tins in the near future.

Powder Coating Plant

This plant too has been imported from China and the whole work is done online which includes the working of the sixty feet long Oven. Most of the powder for the coating is also imported from Japan and the rest of it is bought from the best of manufacturers in India itself.

Laboratory for Testing

Our micron testing equipment is of Italian make and is used for controlling and checking color variations and anodic coating thickness.

Workshop for Fabrication

ALAMDAR’s fabricating workshop is equipped with Italian fabricating machines for cutting, milling, copy router, drilling and joining purposes.

List of Machinary at Alamdar’s Plant

Double Mitre Saw

All cuttings for our fabrication is done on imported Double Mitre Saw which is an automatic profile cutting machine with pneumatic control system and safety euro norms. Its radial sliding sawing unit has an auto tilting head for 450/900 + 300 degrees angle controlled by computer, adjustable clamps, lubrication and blade – feeding and a completely protected head.

Single Mitre Saw

This machine requires manual feeding but has a double tilting head of 200 – 450 – 900 – 450 – 200 degrees angle which is auto tilting and is easy to set at intermediate degrees. This automatic profile cutting machine with pneumatic sensorised control system has a radial sliding for the sawing unit and follows the euro safety norms.

Copy Router Machine

The Copy Router machine is used for cutting a desired shape on / for different hardware and joinery requirements. This double spindle copy router can be set up very quickly and is easy to operate simultaneously on all four sides. It also automatically raises and lowers its head and even stops automatically with its head in any position and turrent stop in six positions

End Milling Machine

This vertical end milling machine is auto feeding with a cutter diameter of 150mm which is easy to change.

Corner Crimping Machine

Is useful for aluminum profile corner joining and it also does auto corner crimping.
  • Electric Hoist
  • Air Compressor
  • Electrical Power Generators
  • Power Presses
  • Hand Presses
  • Bench Drilling Machines
  • Hand Drilling Machines
  • Slitting Saw Machine
  • Horizontal Milling Machine
  • Electric Grinder Cum Bench Polisher
  • Hand Drill & Hammer Machine
  • Pneumatic Gun For Structural Silicone

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